Maintenance Tips

Although we love to see our regular customers as much as possible, we’re sure you’d rather be out on the road than stuck in our garage! A few simple, regular checks will help you keep moving, and keep the cost of regular servicing down.

Spring Tips
A harsh winter can take its toll on any vehicle, often in ways you can’t see. Book in now for a full fault-finding car diagnostic test for just £25 + VAT. Our special machines can locate any problems within the engine management system or programming, including the coils and injectors. If any issues arrive, our mechanics will explain the work needed as well as the likely cost.

Winters can also take their toll on car batteries, so as the snow melts, stop by Lochty Garage for a quick check.
Summer Tips
Summer means holidays, and long journeys in the car. If you haven’t had your air-conditioning serviced for a while, now would be a good time. If not used regularly, air-conditioning systems can seize up, and repair is much more expensive than proper, regular maintenance. We currently offer an air-condition service and gas recharge for only £50 +VAT.

It’s also vital to check tyre and brake performance if you are planning on long journeys. Keep your windscreen wiper fluid topped up, too.
Autumn Tips
Brakes that perform to their full potential are essential in winter. Your safety – and that of your family – depends on it. Winter tyres may seem an extravagance, but they really do make a difference to how your car handles the roads in colder temperatures as well as in mud, rain and snow.

Depending on where you live, consider fitting winter tyres from about October, and switching back to your summer set around March or April. 
Winter Tips
To help you get ready to face the most challenging driving conditions of the year, Lochty Garage offers a mini winter check up.  For just £15+vat, we will check and fill your antifreeze, inspect your brakes and examine your tyres.

Most manufacturers recommend changing your wiper blades every season, so put a fresh set on before the snow sets in.

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